Marc Elliot Kalman
Bob Curtis 

Bob Curtis 

I started playing guitar when I was in 3rd grade. When I was in 4th grade I gave guitar lessons to my school teacher. I wasn’t very good but that’s ok, he wasn’t either. My earliest recollection of music was the church choir that consisted of guitar players and drums (which was pretty rare back then). Even the Priest played guitar with the choir.

In 9th grade I met my best friend who played guitar as well. We would sit and listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blue Oyster Cult and Neil Young till our ears bled. When we were old enough, we started playing our acoustic guitars at café’s and restaurants.

I have to say though my biggest influence is The Beatles. Although I was only 8 months old when they played Ed Sullivan, their music ruled the house my entire young life. Well, now I have the chance to let everyone else share the music I’ve always enjoyed. So, to all out there listening, please remember that “All you need is love”…Peace.


Marc Elliot Kalman  wanted to be a baseball player. On February 9, 1964 he changed his mind, dropped the “ball” and became a bass player. The Beatles in an instant gave purpose to his life. Marc studied music at Queens College in NYC and is proud to say he has made a full time career of  music. He plays bass, guitar, keyboards and sings. He started as a sub for Penny Lane in 2013 and became the full time bass player in 2014.He is the owner and bandleader of Marc Elliot Music (an all style dance band for private parties) since 1988. He also performs with the sixties tribute band BackBeat. Marc also enjoys a private practice as a piano/guitar teacher.Most favorite thing : Laughter Least favorite thing : People who text while driving

Tom Christie

has been a fixture of the Long Island music scene for over 30 years. A classically trained percussionist and vocalist, he has been singing,  playing drums and percussion professionally for most of his life. Tom strives to provide the audience with an exciting, unforgettable performance each show whether it be in front of dozens, hundreds or thousands of people. For seventeen years he was half of the duo Double Play who entertained audiences throughout eastern Long Island and always with great response. Nothing pleases Tom more than to see smiling faces and to hear people singing along with the band. 



Jimmy DiNapoli

I began lessons for playing drums at age of 8. After a year, I changed to guitar. At 14, I played in a wedding ring with my Dad and sibling. Following 7 years playing with them I change to a 60′s band that kept going 10 years. I likewise played in a Top 40 band in the late 90′s till present I got included with Beatles tribute groups in 1995, executing as the "George Harrison" with them and got an opportunity to travel and performed at the acclaimed Cavern Club in Liverpool UK.


Tom Christie
Jimmy DiNapoli


PENNY LANE Beatles Tribute Band. We depend on our immaculate sound and our solid, tight vocal harmonies to reproduce the Beatles' legacy, note-for-note! You can hope to hear a choice of Beatles hits from the majority of their periods, an ordeal that dependably leaves group cheering for additional. That is the reason we can Guarantee a Splendid Time For All! Come hear for yourself the Beatles' music as you recalled that it! Furthermore, take yourself on a Magical Mystery visit with PENNY LANE!!!

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